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Get ready for 2018!
Vancouver, BC | Sep. 24-27 2018

Session Details

Becoming the Best Version of YOU!

Type: Keynote
Tuesday October 31
8:30am to 9:45am
Credits: 1 IIBA CDU, 1 PMI PDU - Leadership

  • Description

    We all have dreams and aspirations for something better. A better job, more recognition, experience in a new domain, a happier life, or maybe just a new hairstyle. So I can’t offer much help on hair styling, but I can share some tips and stories on how to exploit your uniqueness to create the very best possible version of YOU. After working and consulting for over 25 years, I’ve learned that the secret to happiness isn’t being the best in your field (or even a happy wife), but fulfilling your potential. Together we’ll explore why leveraging your strengths is far better than trying to fix weaknesses. We’ll experience inspirational examples of how you can overcome fears that are holding you back. We’ll play “Where’s Waldo?” to discover how personal branding is the key to opening doors. You don’t’ want to miss this fun, engaging and possibly politically incorrect session.

    Learning Objectives
    • Define what make you unique, and why everything else revolves around this fact.
    • How to recognize and take advantage of the pivotal moments that shape your future.
    • Develop leadership skills and marketing skills to differentiate yourself from the herd.

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