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Vancouver, BC | Sep. 24-27 2018

Session Details

Cindy Brady and the Art of Escalation

Type: Symposium Track Session
Track: Business Analysis
Monday October 30
2:30pm to 3:30pm
Credits: 1 PMI PDU - Leadership

  • Description

    In corporate America SMEs and stakeholders’ time is stretched to a breaking point. Calendars are full, meeting rooms are unavailable, yet deadlines remain the same. At some point this becomes such a road block that you must escalate the impacts to the BA tasks. At what point does escalation become tattling? In this presentation we’ll discuss ways you can handle, possibly avoid escalation, and hopefully not be branded as a tattle tale.

    Learning Objectives
    • We'll discuss: planning and communicating to make the most of tight schedules, deadlines and SME availability
    • How to approach difficult situations and conversations
    • How to escalate gracefully; ask for assistance without becoming a tattle tale and impacting your stakeholder relationships

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