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Vancouver, BC | Sep. 24-27 2018

Session Details

Stop Writing User Stories and Start Doing Analysis

Type: Symposium Track Session
Tuesday October 31
11:15am to 12:15pm
Credits: 1 PMI PDU - Technical, 1 IIBA CDU

  • Description

    Do software developers laugh at your User Stories? Are there holes in your plot big enough to drive a waterfall project through? Many organizations struggle to get Agile right, and skipping analysis and jumping into a user story list is where things go wrong. Join Cole Cioran to learn a disciplined approach to do just enough analysis to get your Agile analysis right every time.

    Learning Objectives
    • Answer 7 questions that will ensure you get your user stories right
    • Understand what is wrong with most user stories.
    • Learn how analysis will create better user stories

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