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Vancouver, BC | Sep. 24-27 2018

Session Details

The Life of a Business Rule: Enabling Impact Analysis through Traceability

Type: Symposium Track Session
Track: Business Analysis
Tuesday October 31
10:00am to 11:00am
Credits: 1 IIBA CDU

  • Description

    Business rules lead an interesting life. From a project view, they are ‘discovered’ during business analysis & ‘implemented’ in a system. But their lifecycle begins earlier and doesn’t end once the system is implemented. That’s just when things get interesting. How to manage the rules & ensure that they are changed when & where they need to be? The key is traceability. This session discusses what you need to know to do impact analysis of rules.

    Learning Objectives
    • To learn about rules and their lifecycle
    • To better understand how to manage business rules
    • To have fun

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