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Vancouver, BC | Sep. 24-27 2018

Session Details

Leader or Manager? The Art of Balancing Both to Achieve Success

Type: Symposium Track Session
Track: Project Management
Tuesday October 31
10:00am to 11:00am
Credits: 1 PMI PDU, 1 IIBA CDU

  • Description

    Is it leadership or management that is most needed for successful projects in this century? How can you balance both and enhance leadership skills of yourself and your team members? Leadership is an ability to get things done through others while winning their respect, confidence, loyalty, willing cooperation and commitment. It involves focusing the efforts of a group of people toward a common goal and inspiring them to work as a real team. Management requires an appropriate balance of technical, human and conceptual skills along with principles and best practices of project management to meet defined objectives. All project managers are not necessarily leaders, but the most effective project managers over the long-term prove to be good leaders as well. In a project environment, leading is not necessarily the same as managing. Both project leadership and management are important for successful project management. Good project managers understand the importance of managing stakeholders through effective leadership and are able to adjust their leadership styles according to the situation. You'll evaluate, improve and refine your leadership skills and discover methods for increasing your total power.

    Learning Objectives
    • Recognize the importance of Human factors in Project Management
    • Identify main management functions and understand the difference between the role of a leader versus manager and how leadership is related to the project life cycle
    • Recognize important dimensions to improve team leadership

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