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Vancouver, BC | Sep. 24-27 2018

Session Details

High Impact Presentation Skills

Type: Symposium Track Session
Track: Shared/Leadership
Tuesday October 31
11:15am to 12:15pm
Credits: 1 PMI PDU - Leadership

  • Description

    Chances are, you never planned to become a public speaker. Yet here you are, great at your job and being asked to get on your feet and talk about it. No fear! The best way to learn anything is to do it. Be prepared when the time comes for you to "stand and deliver" on your area of expertise and passion. Transform your professional competence into platform confidence.

    Learning Objectives
    • Learn to get your nerves working for you, and not against you
    • Create presentations that captivate your audience - effective strategies for opening, delivering and closing your presentation
    • Speaking tips to ensure you are effective in delivering your message

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