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Speaker Details

  • Nelson Cabral

    Nelson Cabral President and Chief Innovation Officer
    CABRAL Creative Leadership International Inc.

    • Bio

      Internationally acclaimed leadership and innovation visionary Nelson Cabral is the world’s only Triple Threat Creative Leadership Expert. A globally award-winning Executive Creative Director, TV & Film Director, and Musical Theatre Leading Man, Nelson spent the last 25 years leading teams, building companies, and inspiring breakthrough innovative thinking on Fortune 500 brands. He has improved creativity and innovation capabilities in thousands of leaders around the world and has presented to many PMI audiences. Known for his dramatic stage presence and high-content, high-energy presentations, laced with humour and actionable creative leadership tools, Nelson draws upon his experiences working with Project Managers for over two decades. He is on a mission to develop a new breed of leaders: a creative CEO in every enterprise. CABRAL was recently named a “Fastest Growing Company”, landing #2 on the ONES TO WATCH list, with 1227% growth.